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Facial Serum


A powerful blend of extraordinary 100% natural oils that will transform your skin with 3 drops.

With argan oil, rosehip oil, castor oil, almond oil, helichrysum, rose and ylang ylang essential oils and vit  E.

Helichrysum essential oil: helps the skin stay hydrated, smooth and soft, regenerates the skin and reduces the signs of skin aging. It is suitable for dark circles in the eye area and reduces skin discoloration.


Rosehip: (Rosa rubiginosa) contains high vitamin C content, more than citrus fruits. Is one of the best anti-aging oils and the most ideal for regenerating skin tissues.

Increases collagen and elastin levels. Helps fight against free radicals and protects skin from premature aging.

Argan oil: (Argania Spinosa) is one of the best oils for facial and neck care and hydration (it is suitable for all skin types). Use it only at night, with some drops on the face and neck.

Castor oil: (ricinus communis) can penetrate the stratum corneum, the outer layer of the skin consisting of dead cells, which protects tissues from infections and dehydration. Ιs particularly rich in Omega-9 fatty acids that show remarkable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


Ingredients: Argania Spinosa (argan oil), Ricinus Communis (castor oil), Prunus Dulcis (almond oil), Rosa Canina (rosehip oil), Rosa Damascena e.o. (rose), Cananga odorata e.o. (ylang ylang), Helichrysum Italicum e.o., vitE.

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